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Agua Prieta

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Agua Prieta
Agua Prieta, Sonora
Agua Prieta is a town on the northern border of Sonora, Mexico, in close proximity to Douglas, Arizona, its closest neighbor to the north. Sonora is the most northwestern state in the country of Mexico and is a popular destination for those traveling deeper into Mexico or just wishing a short weekend or getaway.

Agua Prieta is an old mineral mining town, much like its neighboring American cities to the north, including Bisbee and Tombstone. Founded in the late 1800s, the area has steadily grown since then and has turned into a quite popular tourist destination.

Surrounded by the beautiful Sonora desert landscape, the town of Agua Prieta basks under nearly year round sunshine, blue skies, and gentle desert winds. Sometimes, snow does fall in this northern Mexico City, filled with friendly people, historical landmarks, and beautiful places to visit, but warm sunshine and dry air offer a much needed break to those traveling south to escape cold winter weather.

Agua Prieta is most known as one of the major border crossing points located in northern Mexico, just south of Douglas, Arizona. The Agua Prieta border entry port is opened 24 hours a day.
The town is rich in native American history, a famous and historical location for the chair a call of, Apache tribe of Southern Arizona. Others may know Agua Prieta as one of the locations of battles between Mexican authorities and Pancho Villa in the early 1900s.

Things to do in Agua Prieta
Over the years, Agua Prieta has become famous for its shopping. Leather goods such as boots and saddles are made here for sale to American and Mexican cattlemen and horsemen seeking the best in quality crafts. Blankets, Mexican pottery and other goods are available from street vendors and plaza shopping adventures filled with color, laughter, and bartering.

Outdoor adventures are plentiful in Agua Prieta, including hiking, 4-wheeling, bird watching, and relaxing by your hotel pool. Over a dozen hotel accommodations give visitors to the north as well as international travelers a wealth of options to choose from.

Visitors venturing south of the border from Tucson, Tombstone, or Bisbee can drive through miles of beautiful Sonoran desert filled with saguaro cactus, Palo Verde and mesquite. Fort Huachuca and the Old Buffalo Soldiers Trail attracts visitors from all over the country and the drive through the area is unequaled in desert beauty.  

Healthcare in Agua Prieta
Over half dozen hospitals, clinics an outpatient facilities are located in all below pre and to, offering travelers seeking affordable and quality dental and medical care options both north and south of the border. Medical providers and facilities located throughout Mexico from just south of the border to Mexico City, Guadalajara and further south offer international travelers affordable yet quality care. Growing numbers of medical providers and facilities advertising international patient care are accredited by international quality organizations, fully certified, trained and experienced in their field of expertise, including those found throughout Sonora.

Traveling to Agua Prieta
Agua Prieta is easily accessed by bus and car, with nearby airports in the larger city of San Carlos, while many domestic and international travelers from the north fly into Phoenix or Tucson and rent a car or take a bus south of the border.

Travelers to the area can take Routes 80 or 191 (directly south of Bisbee Douglas International Airport) south of Douglas on the American side of the border, though travelers should be prepared to display valid passports and undergo border patrol auto inspection.