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San Luis Rio Colorado

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San Luis Rio Colorado
San Luis Rio Colorado - Sonoran Bliss
San Luis Rio Colorado is located at the very northwestern tip of the Mexican State of Sonora, adjacent to Baja California and the southern border of eastern California and western Arizona.  Because of its location, San Luis Rio Colorado has long been a favorite border crossing, accessible and affordable tourist destination and a jumping off point for all points south into Mexico and Central America.

Its location, offering desert scenery and fun in the sun and sand along the beautiful northern coastline of the Sea of Cortez, also known as the Gulf of California, the city is literally a gateway to a number of adventures, activities and things to do. Designated as the fourth largest city in the state, San Luis Rio Colorado is located in the Sonoran desert a few minutes' drive south of Yuma, Arizona.

A Glimpse of San Luis Rio Colorado
Since the early 1900s the city has been known for its warmth, beautiful scenery, and friendly atmosphere for travelers not only from California and Arizona, but international destinations, served by the San Luis Rio Colorado Airport. The nearby General Rodolfo Sánchez Toboada International Airport, located near Mexicali, grants easy access to the area.

Because it's so close to the United States border and literally shares history and culture not only with Mexico, but Arizona and Baja California, the city offers a blend of American and Mexican amenities, accommodations, restaurants and services. Nestled under the brilliant blue desert skies and rich with palm trees and green lawns, San Luis Rio Colorado is literally an oasis in the midst of the desert. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises and glorious ocean breezes are just a few of the things visitors from around the world enjoy.

A variety of activities are available for a outdoor enthusiasts visiting the area, including jeep and dune buggy tours on nearby sand dunes, water adventures such as jet skiing, water skiing, deep sea fishing, snorkeling and just laying along any point of her miles of white, sandy beaches, or enjoying the music, and arts and crafts of locals available for sale in a variety of shopping, street side, and vendor locations.

Enjoy exploring the number of restaurants in your stop at San Luis Rio Colorado, serenaded by mariachi bands, surrounded by the rich colors of tapestries and crafts available for sale. Holiday shopping is a snap in San Luis Rio Colorado, and gives travelers a variety of options to choose from.

Nearby Mexicali offers some of the most popular destinations for Americans seeking affordable dental and medical care in Mexico.  Semite to the border has increased its popularity, as has its proximity to the coastal tourist attractions at Puerto Peñasco. Residents from Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma, San Diego and Los Angeles make regular trips down San Luis Rio Colorado for affordable getaways, vacations, parties and social events.

Accessing Healthcare in Sonora
One of the most popular hospitals in the state of Sonora is the Sonora Hospital, certified by the JCI (Joint Commission International) and the CSG, known as the General Health Council operated by the Ministry of Health in Mexico. The Joint Commission International is an accrediting institution that examines and accredits medical facilities and providers based on their quality of care, patient services, equipment, techniques and procedures. In Mexico, a facility must be certified by the General Health Council before it can be accredited by the Joint Commission International, offering superlative quality and excellence in services and care.

Traveling to San Luis Rio Colorado
Visitors arrive in the city from destinations north by taking U.S. Interstate 8 east toward Mexicali or Yuma, and west on Interstate 8 from Phoenix, Tucson or Casa Grande.  Just minutes south of the border, San Luis Rio Colorado is a convenient and easily accessible gateway for coastal destinations south including Mazatlan and Guadalajara. Be prepared to show your passport when visiting any destination south of the border.